Friday, November 28, 2003

Musing on identity

originally posted by John

ID's a funny thing in as much as it has lots of uses: the wife of a former US ambassador was ID'd (named, outed, revealed) as a long time CIA undercover operative by Bush-puppeteer Karl Rove and had her career ruined and her life put in danger after her husband revealed the actuality of Iraq not buying yellowcake from Niger. In the same context and without considering innocence or guilt, think about what stems from tabloid naming and shaming. Then think about KAL007 the Korean airliner trashed by the Soviets all those years ago for reportedly getting out of line near an overfly boundary. Or the Iranian airliner the US trashed, using similar technology, over the Gulf. Like all aircraft these carried IFF (identification friend or foe) and ID beacons - just as four in the11th Sept squadron did - that are internationally recognised and 'foolproof'. Think about invading a foreign land: if every coalition soldier has an ID card and a set of dog-tags how come there are still deaths from friendly fire? Think about how much ID there is in your cookie jar, then think about who uses it and what they use it for...

John Smith

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