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Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Unilateral Changes

My local baker has changed his opening times, and now doesn't open until 7:30. First thing I knew about this was when I went out in the rain at 7:20 to buy bread so my children could take sandwiches to school.

But the bread is good, and the baker is my neighbour, so I went back at 7:40 (the rain now even harder). I complained about the change. Aha, I was told, but you should have observed a small notice about the later opening, on the wall INSIDE the shop. Sorry, that's just not good enough.

This is a trust issue. I am put to some inconvenience, because a service provider has made a change without consulting me, or even properly notifying me. My willingness to trust that the baker will be open when I expect him to be open has just gone down a notch. Of course I understand that changes are often necessary, but there are surely better ways of implementing a change without impairing trust.

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