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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Starting point for adoption

@stephenmann objects to the statement "The logical starting place for ITIL adoption is to deploy a Service Catalogue". Instead he suggests "a great starting point for ITIL adoption would be incident and change".

Is there a single logical starting point for any technology adoption? Or should we identify four complementary starting points, based on what Aristotle called the Four Causes.
  • Formal cause - the conceptual structure and framework - in this case the ITIL framework itself
  • Material cause - the bits and pieces of stuff to be installed - perhaps including a Service Catalog
  • Efficient cause - the adoption process - some kind of plan or roadmap driving the adoption
  • Final cause - the purpose or reason behind the adoption - I guess this is what Stephen means by "incident and change"
 A very common tendency of technology change management is to focus on one or two of these and neglect the others. "We installed the kit, we sent everyone on a training course, whaddya mean nobody's using it?"

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