Tuesday, November 1, 2011

There is always another story 3

@alantlwilson the Anglican Bishop of Buckingham once went on telly suggesting Apple was "in some sociological respects" a religion. Following Steve Jobs' death, he praises Jobs for having resurrected a corporation and for what he calls "genuine moral leadership". By quoting Hebrews 11 ("He Being Dead Yet Speaketh"), Bishop Alan is clearly inviting us to compare Jobs with the moral leaders of the Old Testament.

Bishop Alan rightly warns against the idolisation of business leadership, but regards Steve Jobs as an honourable exception.
"What passes for business leadership often turns out to be no more than grumpy old men sounding off about their control fantasies, or low grade Pelagian boasting about their deservings, or saying nice things about a religion that is no more than top dressing for their own greed and prejudices. ... Not so Mr Jobs."
Alan Wilson, He Being Dead Yet Speaketh (Oct 2011)

The Reverend Michael Johnson begs to differ, wishes Apple's "moral leadership" had extended to its suppliers and those who build iPhones and iPads in very stressful sweatshops in China, and continues with a wry comment about the Jobs myth: "It says something about the way we perceive our world that many shocking truths are obscured by slick promotion of stylish desirables."

By the way, there is a brilliant and very rude rant about right-wing Christians on the Fake Steve Jobs blog: Hate-spewing “Christians” need to listen up. And even though I know it was written by Dan Lyons, I really really want to believe that it was actually based on Jobs' own words. You know, He Being Dead Yet Speaketh.

There is always another story
There is always another story 2

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