Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Plan versus Policy - Badgers Reprieved

The UK government has withdrawn from its PLAN to cull badgers, but remains committed to its POLICY of culling badgers.

Badger cull postponed until 2013 (Guardian 23 October 2012)

Here's a stab at a VPEC-t analysis ...

Values: We love badgers, they are so cute. But we also want to feed our children with TB-free milk.

Policy: The government policy is to kill badgers, in order to protect cows from TB. But in order for the cull to be effective, it has to eliminate 70% of badgers in a given area within 2 weeks.

Events: The conditions are not right for the cull this autumn.

Content: But we are definitely going to slaughter the badgers next year, oh yes.

Trust: So if you were a badger, would you trust humans?

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